Entry #1

The Aneurysm Effect IS NOW RE-RELEASED!!!!!!

2015-01-27 16:46:35 by PyroToaster


Again I'm re-releasing this comic that I had out for a few days but then took it down because it just didnt feel that thats where I should've started the story.

Ill be posting mainly on Tapastic and Patreon if you become a patron so anything on newgrounds,deviantart, and tiumblr is pretty old, Ill also be posting on:




Twitter- for updates of when they'll be released

Series Symmary:
The Aneurysm Effect takes place in a chaotic city called Sunnyville, that America has deemed absolutely dangerous, 
there; lives a paranoid teenager who has developed schizophrenia and violent split personality disorder. He's also 
accompanied by and ex hitman who's now his guardian angel with a crippling substance abusing addiction, plus a 
few other characters like a 19 year old whose as strong as Hercules, a 15 year weapon smuggler, and a demon whose only agenda is to make people kill each other! Read on to see how all these characters lives in some form or another intersect with each other. Remember: You need insanity to survive in a insane world!!!


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